Friday, July 24, 2015

Curl Hacks

Hey guys! As what i've said on my last post, I'm gonna post my curling hacks with the cheap and quality products (i use) that are affordable to students like me. 
To start of, it is a must to never use conditioner before curling your hair. Conditioner makes your hair heavy and you'll be having a very hard time curling it. I recommend you to either go shampoo or no shampoo. A little trivia: Filipinos tend to shampoo everyday, due to the extreme heat in our country. Little do we know SHAMPOOING EVERYDAY IS NOT HEALTHY!! It will make your hair dry. Plus you'll have a great chance of hairloss in the near future. Letting your hair produce its natural oil is healthy. You should shampoo at least 3-4 times a week.

Back to the topic, after I take a bath of course we need to dry our hair. I dont use hairdrier cause the heat it produces is bad for the hair. I use our electric fan to dry it. After drying, I'll apply the heat protectant to protect my hair from the heat of my curler. The one I use is Glam Works Hair Serum. It locks in moisture and stengthen the hair to prevent heat damage. You can also use it to protect your hair from the sun's heat. I bought this in Watsons for just 100php (more than 2$). I use 3 drops to my hair before curling.

One technique I do after curling is that, I'm gonna bow my head down so that it will be parallel to the ground and my hair will be hanging down my head. I'm gonna apply the Splash Control Clear Setting Lotion by scrunching it with my hand to make the curls last long for the whole day (scrunching it will also make your curls look more natural and wilder). This Setting Lotion contains D-Panthenol that conditions and moisturizes hair. It's ideal for everyday use. I've known this Setting Lotion for years and it's available in Watsons. I guess the reason it haven't been pulled out of market is because it provides the people who use it with satisfaction (just like me). 

So here's what my hair look after everything. Hope you guys find my posts helpful.

Aiya Suen


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