Saturday, November 21, 2015

Go for the Velvet

After weeks of waiting for a cold weather, it finally came! Although it did not last for days cause it just rained for a short while, I'm still happy that I could finally wear one of my jackets. I wear this outfit because I was scheduled to go to a party. That's actually an outdoor party but it became an indoor because of the rain. I guess being able to wear this outfit have consequences. Lol. 

Before I went to the party, I baked a cake because I suddenly craved for cinnamon flavors. I actually call this cake, Banana Cinnamon Cake. I've always been a fan of cakes and I don't actually care for the calories cause in our family, you'll only start to get fat when you turned 18 and I just turned 18 last October 6 and yes, now I have to watch my diet. :(

Anyway, it's a very delicious cake and I'm proud that I've made one. I just put the marshmallows on top of it to make it look more presentable. I also put some pure honey as it's added flavor that. If you want to ask how I made it, you could ask for it in the comment box and I will gladly tell you how I made it. :)

Hope you're having a nice day everyone!

Aiya Suen ♥


  1. U look so cute in that outfit!! And your cake looks so delish!! Have a good weekend. Xo

    1. it really is! you should try and make one :) anyway thank you :)

  2. You look great Aiya! I love your top so much! and btw, that banana cake of your' looks deli! I sometimes bake too and banana cake is one of my favorite. I would be very happy for you to share to us your recipe! I'd gladly make one for myself ehehhe

    love lots,